Our more than 20 years of experience have shown what works

Custom development and research

Technological solutions in the field of efficient use of natural resources:

  • Development of methods of extraction of biologically active molecules from by-products of production
  • Transfer solutions from the laboratory to the industrial level
  • Testing and optimization of operation
  • Process automation

Technological solutions in the field of environmental technologies
(water and soil pollution reduction):

  • Screening and analysis of environmental, physical, chemical and biological parameters
  • Proposal and selection of optimal solutions with financial evaluation
  • Project solution with a prototype
  • Testing the prototype and performance optimisation
  • Product manufacture and insurance of operation

Design and manufacture of electromechanical products and tools:

  • Concept design, feasibility study, cost optimization, time planning
  • System level design and planning of the production process
  • Finalizing production documentation
  • Prototype assembly, testing, optimization
  • Final product manufacturing

Electronics and printed circuits:

  • Solution design or elaboration of plans according to the customer's specifications
  • Logistics and organization of production
  • Product testing and delivery to the customer

embeded systems and program solutions

The development of embedded systems and software covers a complete process:

  • Preparation of specifications of integrated hardware with the definition and specification of the required functions and interfaces
  • Preparation of a formal specification of the final software with the definition and
    specification of the required functions and interfaces
  • Programming of modules and functions
  • IImplementation of analogue and digital integrated hardware modules
  • Integration and testing
  • Elaboration of documentation

turnkey solutions

Do you want to develop a new or improve the existing product, create a software project, add the usefulness to the existing equipment, or do you want to improve your productivity and efficiency?

In Arhel, we are an experienced engineering team, capable of creating high-tech products and services from their conception to the final implementation. Our R&D and production units enable us the development, consulting, design, manufacture and service of electro-mechanical and software components of our products.